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 What is NEET, complete information about NEET exam

NEET is an interest exam. After passing the exam, they give to get admission in MBBS, BUMS, BAMS, BHMS. NEET is the exam of all India level. Admission in mbbs, BDS BAMS, BHMS, BUMS is according to NEET Rank 

Who can give neet exam

Certain criteria have been prescribed for giving NEET exam. The student who fulfills this criteria can give this exam.

*Students should have obtained minimum 50% marks in class 12th.
*In class 12th subject biology, chemistry, physics are compulsory.
*Minimum age should be 17 and maximum 25
*Aadhar card is compulsory

NEET qustion paper time

The neet paper time is 3 hours, which contains biology, physics, chemistry, in which 120 qustion and mark is 720 .

biology -90



NEET biology syllabus

Unit-1. Diversity in Living World
         3. Cell Structure and Function
         4.Plant Physiology
         5. Human physiology
         6 Structural Organisation in Animals and Plants
         7. Biology and Human Welfare
         8. Genetics and Evolution
         9.Biotechnology and Its Applications
        10. Ecology and environment 

NEET chemistry syllabus

1.some basic concepts of chemistry 
2.structure of atom
3.classification of elements and periodicity in properties
4.chemichal bonding and molecular structure
5.states of matter;gases and liquids
8.redox reaction
10.s-block element 
11.some p-block chemistry -some basic principles and techniques
13.environmental chemistry
14.solid state
17chemichal kinetics
18.surface chemistry 
19.general pirincipal and processea of isolation of elements
20.p-black elements
21.d and f block elements 
22.coordination compounds
23.haloalkanes and haloarenes
24.alcohols,phenols and ethers
25.aldehydes,ketones,carboxylik acid compounds containing nitrogen
29. chemistry in everyday life

NEET physics syllabus


1.physical-world and measuements
3.lows of motion
4work, energy and power 
5.motion of system of particles and rigid body 
6.gravitation of bulk matter
9.behaviour of perfects gas and kinetics
10.oscillations and vaves
12.current electricity
13.magnetic effects of current and magnetism
14.electromagnetic induction and alternating current
15.electromagnetic waves
17.dual nature of matter and radiation 
18.atoms and nuclei
19.electronic divices 

NEET NTA Official website  

Neet previous question paper                  Get here


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